Rescuing Designer Materials
for Creative Reuse


FabMo - your source for exquisite rescued designer materials

Whether you work in textiles, tile, leather or paper, come to FabMo, find your treasures, and keep valuable materials out of the landfill.

Every year FabMo rescues approximately 70 tons of discontinued designer samples such as fabric, wallpaper, tile, and carpet and makes them available to the creative community for reuse.

Goods are available at monthly Selection Events and Special Sales at our facility in Mountain View, and periodically at satellite events in Santa Cruz and elsewhere. In addition, we host meet-ups and workshops, where you can learn new skills and meet like-minded creators.

You will also find us out in the community promoting creative reuse at events such as Earth Day, the San Mateo County Fair, Maker Faire, and more.

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FabMo Calendars

FabMo is busy! Visit our Events Calendar to see what's happening.

If you are interested in volunteering, check out our Volunteer Calendar for days and times that you can help.



It takes a village! 

FabMo is an all volunteer organization. Without our dedicated volunteers FabMo could not exist. We are always looking for volunteers to help with our many tasks. Come join us!


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Be inspired every day …

… by the materials and ideas you find at FabMo:

  • be inspired to create something beautiful and uniquely you - visit our Inspiration Gallery

  • be inspired to make your contribution to help preserve the beauty of our world by using all resources mindfully - browse our Green Living Blog


 The FabMo Story

FabMo’s beginnings are humble but the story is very Silicon Valley: it involves a simple but genius idea and a garage!

Watch the video to hear our founders tell their story and check out About FabMo to learn more.


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