Helping FabMo as a Volunteer


There are many opportunities to help at FabMo, from regularly scheduled events to things that can be done on a random schedule from the comfort of home.

Click here to sign up for regular activities - pickup, sort, greet and help out at monthly Selection Events, etc..

Do you enjoy the feeling/sense of FabMo as much as I do?  Whether on a somewhat strenuous pickup, welcoming our guests, or considering FabMo’s future development by the Board, we always seem to be surrounded by passionate and thoughtful folks truly trying to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Not everyone realizes that FabMo is all-volunteer organization.  Though at some point we’ll need to add some paid staff, we will always rely on our wonderfully supportive volunteers to make it all work.  Your support lets us keep serving our community and develop new uses.

We are in need of a Volunteer Development Coordinator.  If you have a vision for what our volunteer program could be and ideas on how we can make it ever better, please check the preliminary job description here.

FabMo celebrates its birthday on July 29.  Close to this date, we host a special BBQ & picnic for our volunteers to celebrate.  Watch the FabMo Volunteer Newsletter for details!           

Every week we have a pickup from the design showrooms (usually a pretty full day on Monday).  Later in the week we sort everything by size and store it away for the Selection Event. 

Once a month we have our 3 day Selection Event which has many opportunities for helping, ranging from the Floor Helpers, Greeters, and Shift Supervisors, who have such a positive influence on the quality of our guests’ experience, to the uncelebrated but vital task of scheduling all those helpers.  

Frequently we also have a presence in the community at large, where we host information and activity tables.  Events such as EarthDay, MakerFaire, South First Friday, Girls Scouts, and various art & craft festivals (ex.Bizarre Bazaar), plus our own signature event - the annual FabMo Textile Art Boutique, give us great exposure.  Our volunteers generally report that participation in these events is a real hoot!

Behind the scenes there are also many ways to make a special contribution to FabMo’s organization.  Just a few examples:

  1. Publicity, marketing team - the “story” and public image of FabMo

  2. Social media team - regular updates to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  3. Community Events team -

  4. Workshops team

  5. Budget & Finance team

  6. Technology team

  7. Editorial / Newsletters

  8. Volunteer Support & Development team

  9. Schedule / Coordination

  10. Many of these have totally flexible commitments - you can work at your own schedule

  11. Some weekly, some monthly, some behind-the-scenes with varying amounts of time necessary,

Benefits of volunteering

  1. Learn, develop or document new skill - useful for personal development, and as resume enhancement

  2. Help others develop skills

  3. Connect with others in our community

  4. Meet variety of new people with various interests

  5. Share your interests and passions

  6. Make a positive difference in someone else’s life

  7. Become part of a team

  8. Have fun with like-minded people with whom you share interests.

Interested in joining our wonderful volunteer team?