RePurposing Fabrics and More

                                                        (much, much more!)


FabMo FAQs Answered

Where do these treasures come from?  What do you mean by “More”?  What is my cost?

These are discontinued samples from various interior design showrooms.  Since the fabrics are no longer available to sell to the public, the samples are simply taking up valuable space in showrooms.  Their “trash” truly becomes our treasure!

We frequently get other items such as wallpapers, trims, leathers, carpet samples, decorative ceramic tiles, hardware and more.  Even some of the display components, or the containers they come in are of interest to our guests for RePurposing.  We make all of these (as well as the fabrics, of course!) available to our guests.

There is no direct cost to you, though donations to offset our costs are very much appreciated, and in fact, essential to our continued existence.  The fabrics cannot be sold as is, whether by us or by you.  However, you can incorporate them into a project which can then be sold in support of churches, schools, non-profits, or the exercise of individual initiative.

If this effort and the fabrics are valuable to you, please support their continued availability by making a reasonable donation and consider volunteering to help make the experience a good one for others.

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