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Prior to 1997, during conversation in designer showrooms, we became aware that large quantities of beautiful textiles were discontinued regularly, and that samples, which still had incredible value, usually went to the landfill.  We figured we could find better alternatives to put them to use.

Hannah was teaching art in Palo Alto schools so materials were made available to the local school district, as well as organizations like Children’s Theater.  Over time the sources became more numerous and productive, and coupled with the seasonality of schools, challenged our ability to find new markets.  Our email list grew as we opened our home approximately every 6 weeks for interested folks to seek textile treasures.

We outgrew the house, moving to shared space in 2009, then to our own facility in 2010.  We added workshop space in 2011.  We became a public benefit corporation in 2009, and gained 501(c)(3) status in 2010.

The fabrics (and more!) that have gone through our budding organization have found their way as far away as Fiji and Ghana.  Closer to home: Pennsylvania, Rocky Mountain states, Southern California, Nevada, Pacific Northwest, and more.  Folks are experimenting with them in self-help programs in remote areas of the Philippines. Products made from them have been sold to benefit churches, schools and other non-profits, and to support individual initiative.  They have been used in sewing classes for disadvantaged and for seniors. People have designed projects around the needs of the arts and the autistic, from aiding in skills development to creating keepsake quilts for foster children as well as the families of those who serve society and are served by it.  The stories that could be developed are awesome, as projects develop in the hands of caring and use-driven folks.

The LORD has blessed our efforts in many ways we couldn’t have imagined, and in even more ways that we haven’t yet discovered.  We have more than 5000 folks receiving our regular emails, and 350-400 that attend our monthly Selection Events.  We enjoy a growing network of wonderful friends who continue to be inspired and who continue to inspire us,  and along the way, everyone’s horizon has grown wider. 

We currently move more than fifty tons of beautiful material each year.  That’s 500 cubic yards of stuff each month that doesn’t go to the landfill.  (Imagine a tightly packed column 12 feet wide x 12 feet deep that towers over 9 stories tall!)  It also is raw material for an incredible variety of useful applications.

Join us for an awesome and exciting ride!

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Click to listen to KZSU program broadcast on December 8.  This interesting  program was an hour in length, covering several connected topics.  This link is just for the FabMo segment.  Check back for the full program.

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I was in your home yesterday with my daughter-in-law.  Here is a picture of the quilt that will be raffled off this spring made entirely from your fabric, which will be raffled for the benefit of the seniors of our community.  Our organization is called "GRANDS" - which stands for Giving Respect And Nurturing to Deserving Seniors.  We have only been in existence 1 1/2 years and already our community has overwhelmingly supported this effort.  By connecting with community and Girl Scouts, we have collected and distributed well over 1700 shoeboxes filled with items that seniors enjoy - gift certificates, toiletries, small food items, socks, games, pens, pencils, stamps, candies, etc.  This past Christmas, we asked the community and the Girl Scouts to make lap blankets - many of which were made from the material from you.  We distributed nearly 400 blankets to seniors in assisted living situations.  Additionally, some of the material has been given to others who have made tote bags and purses for raffles for charity.  The material I just got yesterday will be made into a quilt that will be raffled off in October at our local Sheriff's Chili Cook-off with the money to be donated to Special Olympics which is supported heavily here by our local Sheriffs.

Please add me to your list so I can know when you have your open houses.  Even though I am in Los Angeles, we travel fairly often to the Bay Area to visit our son and family so I can, perhaps, time a trip to match when you have your open house.

Thank you for all you do - this is an amazing project you have undertaken and those of us on the receiving end certainly appreciate it.                                                                        Jan F.        1/9/09

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How many similar efforts are in your area?  Maybe their focus is on office supplies, or food, or packaging, or any other area where waste happens because waste is easy, but where a little effort could turn trash into treasure. Where and when you find such efforts, please support them.  Please email us with thoughts, suggestions, or questions.

Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT) accepts all manner of materials that can be repurposed into the teaching effort.

Palo Alto Freecycle -  an excellent avenue for channeling resources to new users and owners.

“Heaven is not located on high, but where the good of love is, and this resides within a person, wherever he or she might be.”                                                                     Emanuel Swedenborg