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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 27-0658796.  All donations are tax-deductible


  1. FabMo’s warehouse is open on limited schedule and by pre-arrangement only.  Email to arrange someone to meet you or take your material donation.

  2. The next Selection Days in Mountain View are December 11-13.                      Schedule your appointment. Despite the storm, we’ll be open today.

  3. BTW, Saturday expectations have changed.  During our monthly Selection Event, Thursday & Friday still require appointments, but Saturday they are no longer necessary and hours are shorter (open 9-12, Saturday). 

  4. Volunteers welcome our guests, and encourage them to have a memorable experience selecting beautiful treasures.  Once you’ve experienced FabMo, please consider helping others as well.  Volunteer schedule for Selection Days is here.

  1. FabMo is an all-volunteer, donor supported organization that diverts beautiful designer materials (about 70 tons annually!) from their otherwise destination, the landfill, and makes them available for creative reuse by any- one interested.

  1. We collect a truckload each week and hold “Selection Days” each month at our Mountain View warehouse as well as one-day events in the Greater Bay Area.  More below.

  1. What comes in as surplus must go out with purpose for our effort to be sustainable, else a landfill problem just becomes a storage problem.  Our sixth annual Textile Arts Boutique to celebrate crafters and their creations was held at Palo Alto Elks Lodge, October 25. 

  2. This video captures 2012’s event very nicely.  Great fun!

  1. FabMo’s sixth Annual Textile Art Boutique:  What a great event it was!   About 50 FabMo artisans offered a wide variety of high quality items fashioned from FabMo materials at our Boutique on October 25.  Response from the community was overwhelmingly supportive as more than 900 guests came to see - and buy - these treasures.  Everyone loved the Elks Lodge and appreciated the wonderful volunteers!

  2. We’re sorely tested for adequate space and sufficient parking. Material rescued has doubled since 2011, without additional space.  Our committee is seeking something more suitable, while considering ways to make use of present space more efficient.

  3. Your financial support is essential if we are to continue to serve the community, the arts and the environment. We don’t sell our materials, rather offer them on a donation basis.  We participate in matching gift programs (including volunteer hours) with several Bay Area employers.  (Contact us for info.)  We have no paid staff, but our rent and other costs continue to go up, and our search for new facility will accelerate that. 

  4. FabMo is now a recognized charity for AmazonSmile Foundation, which generates a small donation as a result of Amazon purchases.  No change to your prices or their service.  All you need to do is click the link at the bottom of this page and select FabMo.  Quick and easy way to support FabMo!  Thanks!

  5. FabMo location:  2423 Old Middlefield Way, Suites C & F, Mountain View, 94043,  immediately behind Bajis’ Down the Street Cafe.    Map here.