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  1. There are email list options that will get you regular information about FabMo events, distributions, educators, and FabMo concept outside the Bay Area. FabMo has had increasing participation in various events from Earth Day to Maker Faire, county fairs, and, of course, our own FabMo Textile Art Boutique).  The Ninth Annual FabMo Textile Art Boutique was a popular success on October 29, 2017.

Making appointments

Managing the size of the crowd makes a huge difference to everyone’s experience while treasure hunting - enough for good networking and mutual interaction, not so many that it becomes a competitive “rummage sale”.  Our space is limited, so crowd size matters.  We maintain inventory and restock the tables regularly to insure that whenever folks arrive, they’ll still see fresh material that hasn’t been picked over. 

Strollers, walkers, etc. can be problematic during peak periods, so if they are essential for you, please pick the less crowded times.  It will make for a better experience for you and for others there.  You can see relative crowdedness by looking at the scheduling calendar.

  1. 1.Make your best appointment by clicking here.  The scheduling calendar will be available for your use about a week ahead of the Selection Event.  (If this is your first time using this scheduling program, you will need to “create new user account” before you can make the appointment.)  Include name/zipcode of any guests you plan to bring, as well as number and ages of kids. 

  2. 2.Watch for your confirmation email (instantly in your inbox). 

  3. 3.You will also receive a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment.


We are currently reviewing and revising our email addresses to simplify contact.  Fabmo has several topic sensitive emails: to be part of the volunteer helping team for general FabMo contact for workshop information    for further information


  1. 650-282-6548.  This phone is not regularly attended.  Please leave voicemail or use email.


970 Terra Bella Ave., Suite 8                   

Mountain View, CA 94043                  


Some useful links:

Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT)          

Scroungers’ Center for Reusable Art Parts (SCRAP) 


American Sewing Guild (ASG)

Gals and Dolls (San Jose)                                 

Santa Clara Valley Quilting Association

Peninsula Wearable Art Guild (PenWAG)

Binky Patrol blanket project

Art In Action  

The Imagination Factory 

      Creative re-use of various materials

    “Where creativity and conservation meet”


   Similar to eBay but for homemade craft items 


   An alternative to Etsy

Fairs, Boutiques, etc.

Artists and Entrepreneuses:

Chanteuse Designs

Melissa Esplin

Panda Designs

Tina’s Treasures

JaJaJa Purses

Zansus Purses

Miss B. Couture - Barbie clothes

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